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        With a mission that focuses on improving customer facilities, we understand that things are not always easy. But we make sure the job is done right and exceeds expectations from the very first time.

        The cornerstones of our success in facilities management include a focus on exceeding our clients’ expectations through cost efficiencies, identifying Key Performance Indicators, developing comparative analysis, and utilizing competitive bidding, benchmarking, and satisfaction surveys. This is the reason we take a personal approach to onboarding when a new customer joins us. Each step of onboarding is an important part of our goal to deliver consistent quality services that exceed expectations.

        Facade Cleaning

        We understand the importance of having a building that looks great, both for customers and for employees. When you partner with us, we can ensure your building looks clean, inviting, and warm.

        Renovation Refurbishment

        Skyline′s refurbishment services help prolong the life of properties and infrastructure while avoiding costly downtime. We have skilled Engineers, Project Managers, Mechanics, Fabricators, and Welders, making our team the stand-out, project critical, renovation leaders.

        MEP services

        We value the importance across all stages of the rehabilitation, upgrading, or updating process with MEP systems within a building. We can assist with decision making, cost estimation, administration, documentation, management, and maintenance.

        Epoxy Applications

        Our system will install a new floor without having to get a new space or tear out the existing concrete by grinding and sealing the floor before we lay down the epoxy coating helping to bring new life to aging floors.

        Complex Operations that Require in-depth Knowledge

        The Skyline model provides multiple layers of support to ensure your needs are met at a corporate level and at a site level. By consolidating your facility needs with Skyline, you receive service consistency across your sites and the data you need to increase efficiency.